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Sunspot, Inc.
located in Burbank, California, is a leading online marketing firm with over 20 years of online marketing experience, specializing in pay-for-performance marketing programs.

At Sunspot, Inc. we take our business and your business very seriously. We take pride on providing the highest paying, highest quality, and fastest growing online affiliate marketing network available in the industry. We continuously strive to develop, maintain, and establish a 4x WIN situation.

What are Sunspot's Affiliate Marketing Networks?
Simply put, Sunspot's Affiliate Marketing Networks are arrangements in which an online Merchant Partner pays an Affiliate Partner a commission to send them traffic and/or customers. Affiliate Partners post links on their web sites to our Merchant Partner's website and are paid according to a particular agreement. This agreement is usually based on the number of people the Affiliate Partner sends to the Merchant Partner's website, the number of people who buy something, or perform some other action. Some agreements pay according to the number of people who visit the page containing our Merchant Partner's banner advertisement. Basically, if a link on an Affiliate Partner's website brings our Merchant Partner's website traffic or money, Sunspot pays the Affiliate Partner according to their agreement.

Parties involved in our Affiliate Marketing Network:

  • Visitor (Potential Customer, Customer, or Consumer)
  • Affiliate Partner (Your Established Website)
  • Merchant Partner (Products and/or Services Provider)
  • Sunspot, Inc. (Affiliate Marketing Network)

Over the past few years, affiliate programs have grown enormously in popularity. For many websites that don't deal much in e-commerce (selling products or services online) themselves, functioning as a Sunspot Affiliate Partner is a good way to participate in e-commerce and generate additional income.

Sunspot, Inc. offers two basic types of affiliate payment agreements. Affiliate payment agreements may vary amongst our Merchant Partners:

  • Pay-per-sale (also called cost-per-sale): In this arrangement, Sunspot pays an Affiliate Partner when you send our Merchant Partner a customer who purchases something. The Affiliate Partner shall be paid either a percentage of the sale and or a fixed amount per sale.
  • Pay-per-lead (cost-per-lead): In this arrangement, Sunspot pays our Affiliate Partners based on the number of visitors they refer and who sign up as leads. This simply means the visitor fills out some requested information at our Merchant Partner's website, which our Merchant Partner may use as a sales lead or sell to another company as a sales lead.

How is Sunspot's Affiliate Marketing Networks Administered?
Sunspot's Affiliate Marketing Networks are pretty simple in concept, but a lot of behind-the-scenes work is necessary to make it work properly. In order for our Affiliate Partners to be compensated, Sunspot needs to keep track of the actual activity surrounding the Affiliate Partner's link to our Merchant Partner's website.

Depending on your arrangement with Sunspot, we might need to determine:

  • the number of people who click on our Merchant Partner's website link on your website
  • the number of people who buy something or performing some other predetermined action once your website redirects them to our Merchant Partner's website.
  • the number of people who see our Merchant Partner's website banner advertisement on your website

How does Sunspot's Affiliate Marketing Network know when a visitor clicks from an Affiliate Partner to the Merchant Partner's website?
In most cases, the answer is that the visitor doesn't actually go directly to the Merchant Partner's website, but instead to a page on the Affiliate Marketing Network website.

The URL for the page contains several pieces of information, including:

  • an identification number for the Affiliate Partner
  • an identification number for the Merchant Partner
  • the URL of the Merchant Partner's website

When the visitor clicks on the link, the Affiliate Marketing Network website records a hit on that particular URL, which tells Sunspot which Affiliate Partner sent the visitor to the Merchant Partner. The Affiliate Marketing Network website immediately sends the visitor to the actual Merchant Partner's website. This process happens so quickly that the visitor never sees any hint of the Affiliate Marketing Network in their browser window.

Linking Methods
An Affiliate Partner's website can link to a Merchant Partner's website in a number of ways. The best linking method depends on the nature of the affiliate and the nature of the merchant. Each kind of link is specially suited for particular purposes. Common types of links include:

  • Text links: The advantage of text links in an Affiliate Partner's website is that they are ingrained in the content of the website and don't look so much like advertisements. For a lot of Affiliate Partner websites, this is the most natural way to link to Merchant Partner's website.
  • Banner links: These links appear as boxes, usually containing words and some sort of graphic element. They may be the best choice when you think a text link doesn't do enough to attract visitors.
  • Search box: This type of link allows visitors to search an online database on another site. The results of the search are links to other pages on the site.

What Makes Sunspot Affiliate Marketing Network Successful?
Through the Affiliate Partner application approval process, Sunspot ensures that the affiliate partner is aligned with our Merchant Partner. Sunspot establishes a 4x WIN situation for our Affiliate Partners, Merchant Partners, and customers. The Affiliate Partner wins because it is able to sell products to its visitors without having to run an e-commerce business. Our Merchant Partners win because our Affiliate Partners send visitors/customers they would not typically get. The visitor/customer wins because the Affiliate Partner's website directs them to products and services they are interested in, which they can then purchase easily.

Affiliate Partners + Customers + Merchant Partners + Sunspot, Inc.



Acquiring Affiliates
Sunspot, Inc.'s prospective affiliate partners must complete an online Affiliate Partner application and agree to the terms of the Affiliate Marketing Program Agreement.

The Affiliate Partner application approval process is based on the prospective affiliate partner's nature of business, website content, alignment with Merchant Partner's Business, and each Merchant Partner's specific requirements.


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