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Frequently Asked Questions

Affiliate Marketing Roles and Responsibilities
Merchants, affiliate partners, and Sunspot, Inc. all work together to make your affiliate partnerships successful. Each entity has roles and responsibilities to one another.

  • Merchant: A merchant is an online retailer or service provider that partners with affiliates. Each merchant has the primary relationship with its affiliates and is responsible for sending sales and revenue data to Sunspot, Inc. and keeping links up-to-date on

  • Affiliate: An affiliate is the owner of a site that chooses to display a merchant's products or services on its site. By displaying a merchant's products or services and driving traffic to the merchant's site, an affiliate earns commissions from the merchant. When an affiliate accepts the agreement terms for a merchant's program when applying, the affiliate is entering into a contractual relationship with each merchant. Check each merchant's affiliate agreement for additional information on the contractual obligations.

  • Sunspot, Inc.: Sunspot, Inc. powers the technology and services that allow merchants and affiliates to enter into a relationship. Sunspot, Inc.'s interface to both merchants and partners provides an efficient tool for managing and growing an affiliate marketing business.
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