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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the payouts for the individual cards?
The rates are different for most of the cards and goes as high as $100+ per approval.
The easiest way to see payouts is to log in to the Sunspot member's area and visit the "My Commission Rates" menu for payout details.
If you do not have an account yet, you can sign up for free, with no obligation.

When do you pay the affiliates?
Sunspotweb pays affiliates within 30-35 days after a commission month close.

Can I update my website automatically with the latest approved content?
Yes, Sunspotweb provides embedded HTML code links for affiliates to pull the content for a given credit card dynamically from our servers. Daily bulk card data downloads and our unique iframe inserts are also available.

Do I need detailed knowledge of web programming to use your services?
No, the simplest way is to copy and paste a small HTML snipet into your web pages to display a credit card on your webpage.

What websites are accepted to promote credit cards?
We periodically audit the websites that promote our credit card offers and there are certain, minimal requirements that these websites must adhere to. There are details in the Terms and Conditions section for every credit card in the Sunspotweb member's area. As a basic rule, sites should be well designed, and they should not contain broken links, nor contain offensive or adult content. Affiliate sites should be focused on credit cards, or other financially related content, and contain a clear Privacy Policy stating that the site owner does not collect personally identifiable information about the visitors.

What credit cards are available for promotion?
Sunspotweb offers many credit cards from major financial institutions, primarily directed to US residents. For a full list please log in to your Sunspot member's area and visit the "My Commission Rates" menu.
If you do not have an account yet, you can sign up for free, with no obligations.

Why do I need to continuously update the credit cards on my website?
Our merchant partners are continuously changing their credit cards and offers. Our merchants have a legal obligation to maintain that all advertisements are current and reflect accurate statements. If a card has a new APR rate or a new feature, all credit card placements (including the advertisers' websites) need to be updated.
It is possible to automate these updates on your website if you use the embedding HTML code links or the bulk card data download function (available in the Sunspotweb member's area).

What commission payment options you have for US and foreign affiliates?
We offer direct deposit, Paypal, regular check for US affiliates, and Paypal or Cashiers check for affiliates outside of the US.

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